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5-WEEK RESTART    PROGRAM  |  Price: $399


Are you interested in learning more about nutrition and living a healthier lifestyle in a cost effective group setting? Join RESTART

This 5-week ongoing program meets online or in person (in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area) once per week for 90 minutes. It is part nutrition class, part sugar elimination and part support group – an empowering combination! The program includes a COOKBOOK and a binder with all of the information you need to follow along, participate and be successful each week.




Increased Energy

Weight Loss

Stabilized Mood

Clarity & Focus

Better/Restful Sleep

Balanced Hormones

Week 1

Learn how to prepare for your real food, sugar detox challenge.

Week 2

Our whole food challenge starts now! We learn about macro nutrients and proper digestion.

Week 3

We tackle cravings, sugar, and proper blood sugar balance.

Week 4

Get the skinny on fats and why they are vital to optimal health.

Week 5

Get tools and tips on how to move forward, as well as a celebration of your successes!

Take a look inside for a sneak preview of the program...

"Restart® has made a huge difference in how I shop for food, how I prepare it, and the amount I eat. I feel in control of what I put in my mouth and have lost weight healthfully because of it."

— Sue B., Minnesota Restart Participant 

Look inside

Restart Program Week 2 Cover.JPG

Look inside

Restart Program Week 3 Cover.JPG

Booking this class reserves you 1 of 10 spots in the 5-week program. Classes are usually held once a week on Tuesdays or Saturdays. Please indicate your day of the week preference when signing up so I can coordinate your start date with the group.