Massage Oils



If you are in the area, come on in for a Functional Evaluation!


We perform a series of muscle and reflex tests, pressure points and palpations to determine food sensitivities, specific supplementation, areas of inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, and overall organ health. This can be a stand alone service or added on to Nutritional Consulting for quicker results.


We are located at: Our Well House, 6711 Elm St, Frisco TX 75034.

Functional Evaluation

1 hour | $149

This session includes a full assessment to see how your body is doing overall. I can answer any general nutrition questions as time allows and families with children are welcome and encouraged to come together!


If you would also like an individualized nutrition and lifestyle plan, please look at our Nutritional Consulting services.

Functional Follow-up

30 minutes | $89

This session is recommended for follow-up appointments where we can retest any supplements or food sensitivities from your previous session.


If you think you may need additional time, feel free to schedule a 1 hour session for your follow-up appointment.