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Work with me one-on-one. I learn about your history, habits, and unique situation and then offer you a customized and short and sweet plan for tackling your goals. I work with you all along the way monitoring and guiding you.  

*At this time I am only offering virtual consultations*

FREE Initial Consultation

15 minutes | $0

On this phone call, my goal is to get to know you and your health concerns in order to best support you on your health journey. Then I will explain how I go about my practice to make a unique and completely individualized protocol for you.


Hopefully it’s a match and we can get started.

First Appointment
(not available at this time)

2 hours | $225

I will go over your medical/family history, current medications, if any, detailed symptom info, a food journal, and then perform a full functional evaluation to gain as much information from your body as possible on where deficiencies are and where I need to support you first. I will then finish the appointment sending you off with a unique dietary and lifestyle protocol - each client receives something different as no one is alike.

Follow Up Sessions
(not available at this time)

1 hour | $145

The purpose of the follow-up appointments is to measure your progress. These also include optional weekly food journal check-ins via email.


Each and every time we touch base, you can expect to leave with a new goal and information to succeed!

Distance Consultation

1 hour | $145

 Initial Consult (2 hours)  |  $225 

Not located in Dallas, TX? No problem! I have clients located all over the U.S.! All offerings are the same except the Functional Clinical Assessment, which I can only perform in person. Feel free to contact me for your complimentary initial consultation to see how this might change our timeline, but not your healing plan!

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