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Avocado Toast

Prep Time: 5 minutes | Cook time: 3 minutes | Yield: 1 serving

This is my favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, everything really! It only takes a couple ingredients and some spices - quick & easy.

The best part: avocados & eggs are full of healthy fat + protein, the perfect fuel for your body.

  • 1 organic, cage-free egg

  • 1/2 organic avocado, mashed

  • For the base, I used Udi's gluten-free bread. You could also use a baked potato slice (Paleo-approved) or Barely Bread's grain free sliced bread!

  • Seasoning:

  • Sea salt, pepper and garlic salt to taste.

  1. Toast your base - whether that's the gluten free toast, potato, or Barely Bread sliced bread!

  2. Cut the avocado in half and scoop out the half of the avocado that doesn't have the pit and store the other half for later use.

  3. Take a fork and mash. Now spread onto the base and season with sea salt, pepper, and garlic salt to taste.

  4. Cook the egg, over medium, and place on top. Enjoy!

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