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Fact: Eating Fat Doesn't Make You Fat

Wait what?

Yes, you read that right! Our bodies were designed to run on a mixture of unrefined carbs and healthy fats & proteins. If we remove fat from our diet, we will become “sugar-burning metabolizers”.

What does that mean? It means our bodies will run on sugar (carbs) for energy – yikes.

This is BAD. Why you ask? Because being a “sugar burner” is what leads to weight gain – and yes you guessed it, fat!!

Here is how:

  • Sugar burners can’t effectively access stored fat as energy – so you never burn your fat!

  • High amounts of sugar in your blood will begin to stick to the proteins in your blood, creating “sticky proteins”.

  • They can then cross link & harden

  • Similar to what happens when you toast bread & it hardens

  • These proteins then stick to the sides of cell membranes and make it difficult for cells to detect insulin

  • Insulin is a hormone described as the “key” to getting sugar (glucose) into our cells to be used for energy

  • We then become insulin resistant, or pre-diabetic.

  • Now most of the sugar we eat has no option but to be stored as fat.

  • As this cycle continues, it can lead to diabetes.

Ok so let’s back up and not be afraid to eat fats before we begin on this destructive path! What you should be mindful of is the proper quality and preparation of fats.

The best part? Fat is what makes our food taste better, slows our digestion, and keeps us feeling “full” longer.

I don’t know about you, but I won’t be giving up my butter, coconut oil, and avocados anytime soon!!

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